It was time for a fresh take on our public facing pages.  Great strives have been made on our applications to utilize space and give the user's a refined experience.

With the release of our flagship product, I was eager to apply the stylings to our outward facing pages.  There are a few new design trends that established in our product and now I was able to bring those changes to all content.  The use of a modular design and the introduction of a new header color proved to refine and enhance the user’s experience.

In partnership with our security efforts, we felt it the best time to update our look and introduce all of our new practices to our users.

Current Design

While I did design this look and feel, it has become a bit outdated.  I’m always pushing to use the latest trends and techniques, but working in health care has taught me when and where to apply the magic.  This layout was beneficial for the time, but with the new added security protocols and the information we needed to display forced us to improve on our old design.

When I begin projects like this, I think about them in its totality. This caused me to really look at how and what we were communicating with our design language.

The Update

In my new layout and design for our public pages, I wanted to give every piece of information its own space and weight.  When designing and developing PROVIDER, due to the amount of information displayed, you needed everything to be placed and labeled well to quickly digest the content.

Utilizing a card/modular style approach allowed for easy categorization of information and helped with keeping content organized.  Providing designated places for information allowed for us to enhance the experience for our users.