Needing a tasteful update to their brand, we kept the drastic changes to a minimum and delivered a subtle flip. Our focus was to provide an intuitive experience for existing clients and online platform for their brand.

Their current website it serves it purpose, but a growing business must stand out.

Project Details


Having an established brand with a unique logo, presented some limitations when it came to updating their look.  As a designer, you want total liberty to do as you please when envisioning a brand.  Utilizing modern design techniques, a facelift was a success.

Problem Areas

Their current website serviced them well, but as the brand grows, the marketing should follow.  Wanting to cater to a higher level of clientele, the presentation of the business must appear as they operate, flawless.  The current client’s experience was also an area of concern, they wanted the website more informational with minimal functionality.

Key Insights

After our initial consultation, I knew they didn’t want to stray far from a brand they worked hard to build.  They were unsure of how to translate their services into attractive content, so I made it my mission to really utilize all of their current copy and language.

The Vision

I wanted to utilize flat design techniques paired with duotone imagery to really make the brand look modern.  Using a bold, distinctive serif font for the headlines was a personal mission of mine for the project, I felt like they needed to make a statement, but the real show stopper was the palette.

The Look & Feel

With some nifty cropping and the magic of duotone, I was able to deliver a visually pleasing experience.  With this project, I wanted to have a restoration feel.  Featuring existing values and content proved to be the most rewarding part, the JSC team was very pleased with the fact, “this” was there all along.

We made the decision to externalize all functionality, making the website efficient.  This aided in the rapid development and straight-forward design.  Having an one page website was a welcomed change, and the endless possibilities of the card-style approach showed a future online.