In entertainment, image is everything.  MattB was an artist in need of some solid branding and a website that reflected his vision.  With a growing fan base, he realized the importance and need for having consistent visuals.

Matt had a very specific look he wanted to achieve, and it was right up my alley. With a little guidance, we achieved what we set out to accomplish; a clean crisp style that reflected his music.

Project Details

The Challenges

Whenever you’re dealing with clients who have a specific vision in mind, sometimes it can be hard to pull it out of their head and make their dream a tangible product.  Knowing how and when to ask the right questions is key to gathering good requirements.  We encountered a minimal amount of roadblocks by being very detailed in our initial conversations.  Most of our challenges came from wrestling with the CSS, finding the perfect colors to use and utilizing the right imagery.

Key Insights

Knowing the style my client’s prefer is more than half the battle when trying to design.  Being very observant and meticulous when taking notes, helped streamline this project.

The Solution

I wanted a very clean and easily recognizable aesthetic for this project.  In most cases, social media and  album artwork are essentially the only places a artist might prominently display their logo.  It think we settled on a great overall feel to help supplement the his music.

Gathering Requirements

Stakeholder Interviews

I always end up developing a friendship with most of my clients.  It’s very rare for it to remain strictly business between my clients and me.  You find out a lot more about your clients and gain a better understanding of where they are coming from and what they want to achieve, when you take a genuine interest into who they actually are as a person.  Through various conversations we established a great working relationship and communicated the desired goals effectively.

Take Aways

There is always something new when it comes to design.  Each project is an opportunity to learn something new and this website was definitely a learning tool.  There were some subtle responsive design practices that i picked up and new coding techniques that I needed to develop for this type of project.  I am now a semi-master of raw coding responsive navigation thanks to good ole MattB.

Design Time

The Look & Feel

When taking a one-page approach to your website, it must be thought of in cards.  This would serve a the hub for Matt B World and needed to provide a clean experience.  The main design theme driving this were the teal accent color we settled on and the provided imagery from shoots.

We tackled each section’s layout by displaying vivid background imagery and pairing it with minimalistic elements for a refined experience.  Establishing typography standards helped unify the various cards and masking the full image with an overlay helped mute the focus from being solely on the background imagery.

Launch Project

*original design may be altered due to client control